Q&A on Cover Letters

The Resume and Cover Letter Workshop series is open to all Information Science job seekers willing to share their resume and cover letter to serve as examples to others. Everyone has their own opinions on how a resume should look and sound and while there is no right answer, there are many elements to include in a resume. 

On the other hand, cover letters are unique as the writer. Again, as there are elements to include and the purpose of a cover letter is the same, it should always reflect the applicants personality.

If you are interested in sharing your resume and cover letter in this series, please fill out the form.

The second post of this series comes from an anonymous writer. This Q&A style blog post covers the arrangement, position type, and resources used in creating the cover letter.


Why did you choose this arrangement?


I chose this arrangement because I spoke with many professors who encouraged me to use this format. My University also has a resume critique center where they critique resumes and cover letters for different majors. The center also had a list of recommended formats. I recommend checking out to see if your University has some resources. Many school’s resources are public, so even if you are not in school anymore, I recommend checking to see if there are any public resources!


What types of positions did you use this cover letter for?


Using this format I applied to internship and entry level jobs. Most positions did not want a statement of goals, but a cover letter. I think it is important to note that cover letters should be one page, while statement of goals can be up to 2-3 pages.


What resources did you use when creating this cover letter?


I often look at the website of the job that I am applying to. I look into their mission statement, goals, and past work that they have created. I also suggest going through each line and trying to see how your experience matches the qualifications. I find this helpful, because I can see that certain skills allow me to talk about one past experience, while other skills allow me to talk about another one. Make sure you are also following the instructions for the application. For example, this application asked that I put my availability in my cover letter.

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