This page is dedicated to cats and other cute animals that make life a little less shitty.

Scarlett O

Beloved cat owned by The Tipsy Librarian.

Scarlett O is our little Texas trash cat that walked into our lives and never left! She still loves to sleep on our chest and be as close to our face as possible (hence the nickname Scarf-lett). Scarlett O’Hara is obsessed with me (as I am with her) and never leaves my side. She happily moved to New York with us in 2015 and again to Long Island in 2019.


The “little” brother of Scarlett O.

This sweet little kitten was so clumsy that he fell into his water bowl right before we got to hold him. He was also recovering from being fixed and an upper respiratory infection, so his purrs sounded more like growls. The volunteers nicknamed him Oscar the Grouch. But we knew he wasn’t a grouchy cat but a peculiar cat. A great match for equally peculiar people.

Our new nickname for Oscar is Oscar Poscar (not very clever I know) but he likes the name a little tune we sing to him. It took Scarlett sometime to warm up to her little brother (who is double her size now). At first, Scarlett would only hiss at him but now they chase each other all over the house at all hours of the night!

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