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Biblio Brie

Hello, everyone! My name is Brieanna (I like to go by Brie, like the cheese!) and I’m a fellow book nerd, like you! I’m a lot of other things too, such as: a recent transplant from the northeast (NY) to the southwest (AZ), city girl by nature but nature lover at heart, bookish fudge-colored bibliophile, book nerd, a UAlbany MSIS Alum, solo traveler, foodie, proud indie bookstore advocate & supporter, jazz aficionado, library visitor, tea drinker, cat lover and all things cutesy and Etsy!

Chris Morley aka The Adventurous Archivist

Greetings fellow job seekers!
I’d like to preface my blog entries by saying a big “thank you” to The Tipsy Librarian, who invited me to write a few entries on her blog. So, thanks again for the opportunity!

First off, a bit about myself:
I’m originally from Wisconsin. So, think of cheese, beer, hunting, flannel, and of course, the Green Bay Packers. In 2009, I received my BA from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. My area of concentration was Russia/Eastern Europe, something I’m still passionate about. After I graduated from college, I moved around quite a bit working various and sundry jobs. Fast forward a few years. In 2017, I enrolled at McGill University as a graduate student in the School of Information Studies. In June 2019, I graduated with my Master of Information Studies degree. I’ve been looking for jobs since last summer. It’s a very slow, frustrating process, for sure; however, things will get better. 

It makes me feel good to know that there are others still going through the job search process. So, I know I’m not alone. I feel like we’re all in this together. While the job hunt sucks, it is a necessary evil. And until the day arrives when you get the phone call or email offering you a job, it’ll be a tough enterprise. It will get better though! I think that’s enough for now.

More to follow….stay tuned!