Other Duties as Assigned

You may have noticed by now that your local library has opened its doors. After months of not seeing your favorite librarians, browsing the shelves, going to storytime, or using the computers, the library has finally reopened to the public. However, these libraries are not reopening as if nothing had happened. You may have noticed stickers on the floor indicating where to wait in line to check out your books, an excessive amount of hand sanitizer, and everyone wearing a mask. 

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Impostor Syndrome Home Edition

The impostor syndrome hit me hard last week. Being a new professional is one thing, working from home is another, and the two combines is difficult. Like many lone arrangers archivists, I have inherited incomplete projects, unprocessed collections up to my eyeballs, and shoes to fill. And while I expected it to be an uphill battle, I did not expect to do it in the comfort of my own home. 

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Getting Cozy with COVID for Now

A piece by the newest Guest Writer, Biblio Brie.

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Hello my fellow librarians, archivists, library pen pals, storytellers, library lovers, book enthusiasts and bibliophiles, alike! I hope you and your partners, your colleagues and your families are all doing exceptionally well while we’re all in quarantine during this unexpected pandemic with the COVID virus. It would be a HUGE understatement to say that life has change since the lockdown.

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First week….at Home

I am a place association person. What I mean by that is, I associate my home with comfort. The desk in my house is for creative writing or crafts. The reading nook is for fun and relaxing reading. AndI associate the location of my job with work. The location is a place of focus and productivity. My desk is for writing finding aids, attending webinars, and answering emails. The archive is for research and processing collections. 

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Starting Remotely

After a week of dreading the news of how my interview went, I got to celebrate my success in finally landing a job. It was the first week of March. My start date was set for April 6th and I put in my notice at both part time jobs. Everyone was excited for me and I was waiting for HR to send me a contract to sign. By then COVID-19 hit New York City with it’s first case.  

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