Montreal from an American Perspective

Oh, Canada…

Greetings again dear readers! As you know, from having read my previous blog posts, I arrived in the Commonwealth of Canada, in the Province of Quebec, in the city of Montreal in late August 2017. After having passed through customs with the proper paperwork in hand, and after spending many hours just getting out of Ontario, we finally crossed into Quebec. Our arrival into Quebec was heralded by a large sign with the Quebec flag and the words “Bienvenue au Quebec” in large white letters. As we drove on the highway, all the signs were in French. After we crossed into Quebec, we didn’t see a single road sign in English. I was thinking to myself, “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” (I love “The Wizard of Oz”, but then again, who doesn’t?).

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Life as a Grad Student

McGill… first semester and beyond

I promised I would start from the beginning, so I guess that would be the most logical place to begin. The first few days of my first semester as a grad student were pretty basic, filled with new student orientation, getting used to new classes and new professors, and so forth. I would say it wasn’t really until the mid-late September or early October that things became pretty intense.

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